WhatsApp for android have rolled out fingerprint security –

WhatsApp for android have rolled out fingerprint security –

WhatsApp is working on the fingerprint lock in the android app very soon, many time peoples want to secure his personal chats from others, but they can’t do they use the only screen unlock for making his phone secure.
WhatsApp for android have rolled out fingerprint security -
This is also cool for making the phone much secure, but many times peoples face some problem in making secure his phone, that is leaking the password, leaking the pin of your phone and may peoples use pattern unlock now, but all of theme are not able to make secure your phone because they can leak anytime.
In a survey, peoples found the pattern is leaking many times because when peoples use his phone and get your phone out of pocket, so that time in our phone screen some layers of our body sweat are rolled in the screen of the phone and when peoples draw his pattern, they are easily created in the screen also, so if peoples leave his phone for sometimes, then might be your pattern leaked
Whats app is working for making his WhatsApp secure from all of them, in this way might be WhatsApp becomes secure for making the account privately.
Let’ know in brief about what fingerprint security – 
WhatsApp has made fingerprint lock feature available for Android beta users. This feature has been available for iOS users for a long time. The new feature comes with the Android beta version 2.19.221 of WhatsApp. But it is disabled by default. Users have to enable this feature by going into settings. After the introduction of this feature, WhatsApp Android users will get another facility to protect their chat. Apart from this, the option of ‘show content in notifications’ has also been added. Now users will be able to decide whether to hide or show the message when the fingerprint lock is enabled.
WhatsApp for android have rolled out fingerprint security -
As we already discussed, the fingerprint lock option comes with Android beta version 2.19.221. It is disabled by default. Users have to enable it by going to WhatsApp Settings.
Let’s know in very short the steps to enable the fingerprint security in WhatsApp –

Step 1. – Open Whatsapp on your phone.

Step 2. – Go to WhatsApp Settings

Step 3. – Now open Accounts tab.

Step 4. – Now open Privacy tab,

Step 5. – Enable Fingerprint setting here.

Note that this fingerprint security will be available your WhatsApp, if you have not updated your WhatsApp, so I recommend to update your WhatsApp, or If you have updated your WhatsApp to the latest version and still not getting this feature, then we would suggest you to first backup the chat history, then reinstall this version of the WhatsApp beta app. It is worth noting that the phone should have at least Android Marshmallow to use this feature. 
A fingerprint scanner is also necessary. After selecting the enabled option, users will be able to unlock WhatsApp through fingerprint authentication. There are three options to lock automatically – immediately, 1 minute later and 20 minutes later. Users can choose any option according to their choice and the condition. If you select the option ‘immediately‘, then the fingerprint authentication will have to be used every time when WhatsApp will be open.
WhatsApp for android have rolled out fingerprint security -
The iOS app also has a 15-minute option. But it is not yet part of the Android app. The company is expected to roll out this option with the stable version of WhatsApp. Android has a new option to show content in notifications. With fingerprint lock enabled, users will be able to decide whether they want to show or hide the message and sender preview. This feature is also looking very interesting from them.
If you do not enable this option, then you will be able to reply to the message from the notifications as before and will be able to answer the WhatsApp call. Because fingerprint authentication is set only for WhatsApp. WABetaInfo, which monitors the new feature of WhatsApp, says that the widget content is hidden by default when the fingerprint lock feature is enabled.
Conclusion – How you think the fingerprint security in WhatsApp will be good or bad. It will be bad because it may take much time in the process of opening WhatsApp when someone messages you. It will be very good if the person wanst to hide his personal chats from some other people, many time peoples have to give the password to the other in case of urgency, anyway, this is now available for Beta users only, the result will be in future.
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