What is Web Hosting, types of Web Hosting, types of domain

What is Web Hosting, types of Web Hosting, types of domain

Coming into the world of blogging, we decorate golden dreams. It is our fantasy that our blog will be like this, it will be at this stage, but we never think of the challenges that will be faced to reach that point or how much hard work will be required, due to which our work starts going in the wrong direction and After some time, disappointment starts. Therefore, today we will talk on two important points that need to be kept in mind while starting a website or blog.

  • What is Domain
  • What is Web Hosting

What is Domain – 

Actually, Domain is the name of your website or blog, which you share by telling others about your blog. Like our blog name is avgfreeantivirus2020.com. If we tell anyone about the domain while telling about ourselves, then avgfreeantivirus2020.com will tell. If you are completely new, then you have to take care of some important things while choosing the domain, like:-
  • Domain should always be similar to your Niche.
  • Domain Name Make it easy for others to remember, people do not get involved in spelling.
  • .Com,.In, .Net, etc. play an important role. If you want to rank your blog only in the targeted country, then take the same domain. For example, if you have a targeted country India, then you will be ranked well with .in domain.
  • Some people believe that there is no effect of having or not having a Main Keyword in the domain, but we will suggest that while taking the domain, keep the Keyword in mind and try and get your Targeted Keyword in the domain.
  • Domain should not belong so that you can easily tell others and others can also easily search your blog.
Now let’s talk about the second challenge ie what is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting – 

If you understand Web Hosting in simple and easy language, then Web Hosting works to provide space to the data of websites on the Internet, through which people sitting in the world can access all those websites. The information, images, videos, etc. present on the website are all stored in Web Hosting. These are all special types of computers that are connected to the Internet all the time, also known as Web Server.
For example, if you understand, we can say, just like you keep tenants in your house and take money from them, similarly, if you want your website on the Internet, then you need Web Hosting for which you can rent the place instead. Have been.
You can get web hosting from any Web Server Provider company. There are many companies in India like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.
In such a case, if there is a question in your mind now that how web hosting works, then whenever you create a website, then you have to upload your data on the webserver. As soon as any user wants to visit your website, as soon as you search your domain in Browser, a request will be sent to the server and your website will open in front of the user. Keep in mind, for this, everyone’s DNS i.e. Domain Name Server is different, only then the domain knows which server is placed in which website.
What is Web Hosting, types of Web Hosting, types of domain

Types of Web Hosting –

Web Hosting Kya Hai? How it works and on which things we have to pay attention to, you have read all these things above, now the last and important thing is what kind of web hosting you should buy for your website. In such a situation, you have the following options available.
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
Let’s understand one by one how all this hosting is different from each other and which hosting is right for us.

Shared Web Hosting –

As is clear from the name itself, Shared Hosting in which many websites are stored in one place and all have the same Ram, CPU. This hosting is cheap, but the problem in this hosting is that if more traffic has come to the website with you, then it will also affect you and your website will be down. Shared Hosting is used by new bloggers whose blog does not have much traffic. After which when their blogs become famous or more traffic starts, then they change it.
If you understand Shared Hosting, for example, you can say it as if you go to another city for jobs and share hostels or rooms, then there are many people present in the same place beside you.
The advantage of Shared Hosting is that it makes you affordable. A good option for basic blog is that you can set it up easily and its control panel is quite easy. But the disadvantage is that its security is not so good and it is often seen that companies do not provide good customer service for it.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

After Shared Hosting, you have the option of VPS Hosting in which you have a different hosting available on your website. Where the performance of your website is good, although its cost is slightly expensive. But it has better privacy and security. But remember, this is not Dedicated Hosting. It is like a hotel room in which only you have the right over everything.

Dedicated Hosting – 

If we understand VPS from the example of a hotel room, then you can call Dedicated Hosting your own big house in which you are your own and no one is allowed.
This is the opposite of Shared Hosting. There is no right of any other here. You own the entire hosting. This is the fastest server that big companies use. All E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc. use these servers. The privacy of all these hosting is very strong and all companies provide full service to their customers.

Cloud Hosting – 

Resources of other Clustered Server are used in Cloud Hosting. Its security is taken care of and it can be used anywhere, anytime. Here more traffic can be handled easily. Also, the chances of getting server down in Cloud Web Hosting are also very less.
Whenever you visit the company’s site for any hosting, you always get the option of Linux and Windows Hosting. In this case, Linux hosting is a cheaper option as it is an open-source system, so companies do not have to pay much for it. While Windows Hosting has to bear a significant amount of money, this is why it is expensive and more than half of the websites and blogs on the Internet are on Linux Server.
Conclusion  -I hope you have clearly understood the means of web hosting, types of web hosting, types of domains, if you have any doubt/query/suggestions themn feel free to tell in th comment box, I will try to improve very soon.
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