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What is Google | Complete information about Google | How google Earn money

As you all know that this is a very popular word Google but most of you will not have much information about Google. In today’s exam, questions related to Google come and most of the students are unable to answer it due to lack of complete information.

Most people know Google as a search engine because 75 out of 100 people mostly use Google’s search engine. Today, there is a saying that no one is his Google Guru. Google has made humans much better because the answer to any type of question is found in a pinch, but a lot of people who make memes (Cartoon) say that Google is not able to answer my questions like What question will come in tomorrow’s exam? So let me say that Google also has an answer to this, but the method of your asking should be correct.

What is Google | Complete information about Google | How google Earn money

In today’s post, we will know what is Google and what is the secret behind its popularity? When was it made and by whom? If you will get many such information in this post today, then keep reading and get lots of information.

What is Google –

Google is a very popular name in the internet world. In fact, Google is an American multinational company that provides a lot of services and products in the Internet world such as Search engine, Adwords, Mail facility, Cloud Computing, Software, Hardware etc.
Multinational means organization and company providing services and products in more than one country. Google is known as a search engine mostly because most people use Google’s search engine. Big like Facebook, Apple, Amazon. Google is also one of the companies.
Google search engine has become the world’s no 1 search engine and Google is the most visited site in the world. According to Alexa (this is a tool that gives ranking according to the visitors of the website, it is an Amazon product) Google is no 1 ranking site.

When and who started Google?

Now we will tell you who created Google and when? Google was created by Larry Page (Larry Page) and Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin), a PhD student from Stanford University. Google’s journey began in 1996 when both Larry Page and Sergey Brin embarked on a research project. Were working but apart from these there was another person named Scott Hassan. Most of the code for creating the original Google search engine was written by Scott Hassan but he left the project before Google was officially announced.
You should know must –
Any search engine worked according to the no of visitors coming to the website, which means that before ranking any website, it used to analyze and check how many visitors it was getting, then both Larry and Sergey talked about it. He studied well and to make the system even better, he created an algorithm named Page Rank. That algorithm used to check how many important links have been given on a website, that is, how many pages of that website are interconnected with each other and how are they interconnected, according to which Google started to rank the website. It was initially given a nickname “BackRub” because it worked according to the backlink.
Google’s domain name was registered on September 15, 1997, and Google Company was established on September 4, 1998, which was launched in Menlo Park California, a friend of the developers’ garage.
Whenever we keep the initial name of anything, before that we select it from the word lying around us, just like Google’s name was derived from the word Googol. Googol means 100 zeros on a number. This name was taken because the Google search engine used to provide millions of results to its user in seconds.

Why was Google’s page made so simple?

Google’s page was very simple in appearance but it has been said that one should never judge with one’s face. Those who created Google at that time did not have any special knowledge of HTML to design a web page, so they created a very simple page that was fast to open and was also simple to see.

How did Google grow so fast? 

What is Google | Complete information about Google | How google Earn money
I will not give you deeper knowledge here because if I start giving deeply knowledge, then perhaps all the knowledge will pass through you. Let us say in easy terms. The biggest motive behind Google growing fast was the purpose of its page ranking algorithm as well as to give accurate results. Along with this, Google’s page was very simple to see, which used to load very fast, which did not irritate the user.
It has been said that fast mover should not be the first mover because there were many more search engines before Google, but they did not think to do anything unique, so after beating everyone, google became the world’s no 1 search engine today.

Even today, there are many search engines on which search is done and results get something else, but google gurus are gurus who have a lot of knowledge, that is, the store of knowledge is lying.

In today’s day, Google provides a lot of services that are free and people love free stuff and especially in India.

How does Google earn?

There is a question in the mind of many people that after all how Google became such a big company even after providing so much free. These questions used to come in my mind till some time ago, but after knowing the answers, I thought that these answers should also be told to you.
Google has a lot of ways to make money out of which the first and best way is advertising. Google advertises on its search engine or on its products and takes its money. But apart from this, Google has more options to earn money like a paid product. Google also provides many paid products that most people do not know. Google API Key provides to the big developers whose money it charges. The full form of API Key is the Application programming interface which is a software with the help of which two types of applications can connect with each other and share data with each other.

What is Google’s full form and who is its CEO?

There is a lot of confusion about the full form of Google whether it is a short form or a name given by the Founder, but its full form is “Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth” but it is not officially given.

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai in 2019 and will continue to be so. The full form of CEO is “Chief Executive Officer” or it is also known as CE “Chief Executive”. The Chief Executive Officer is the senior person of any organization leading the company or organization.

List of Google’s Services and Products –

Apart from this, many more products and services are provided by Google.

Benefits of Google |Advantages of Google –

Google has many advantages which are of the following types:-

  • Gives any type of information in seconds.
  • Most of its products and services are free, due to which there is no problem in using it.
  • It provides Map service with the help of which we can easily find any location and can reach it easily.
  • This video sharing platform provides YouTube service where we can publish videos related to entertainment as well as watch videos made by other people.
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