What is CVV/CVC, Details of CVV/CVC of Debit/Credit Card

What is CVV/CVC, Details of CVV/CVC of Debit/Credit Card
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When you shop online or pay someone with your debit/credit card, you have to fill the complete details of the debit/credit card, in which you are asked the number of your debit/credit card and the date of its validity. Apart from this, one of the most important things is the CVV code, which very few people know about. Due to this, they have difficulty in making an online payment. So now you don’t have to worry because in today’s post we will tell you that

What is CVV/CVC –

In today’s time, most people have debit and credit cards so that they can pay online. The best thing about online payment is that it does not have to carry cash with you, but in online transactions, you have to fill the CVV number. If you do not provide CVV, then you cannot pay without it. This is a necessary code. So let’s know What CVV is.


There are some codes on our debit/credit cards, which we call CSC Code; CSC’s full name is Card Security Code. The CSC code was invented in the UK in 1995 by Michael Stone. CVV is also known as the Card Verification Code (CVC) and Card Security Code (CSC). At first, these codes were made up of 11 digits, but later they were limited to three numbers. The only purpose of using all these codes is that your credit card is not misused.

Full-Form of CVV –


This code is asked while making any payment online because at that time the company does not know whether its owner is using it or someone else, then CVV code is requested to confirm that the debit/credit card is in the hands of its owner or no one else has used it.

You will often have to give CVV number while doing an online transaction like if you make any transaction with Paytm, Freecharge, or any other application, then when we fill the details of our card, CVV number is asked. This code is used only for security. Anyone can easily find out the details of our credit card or debit card. The CVV number is on the back of our card. This code is used to complete the payment.

Why CVV is Necessary –

If appropriately used, CVV helps protect against many types of deceptions. For example, if some change has been made in the data of the magnetic strip, then the strip reader will show you the error by displaying a damaged card error.

CVV Number is significant in shopping through telephone and internet because it shows that the person who is ordering has a physical card. Therefore the CVV Number is necessary.

But CVV technology cannot protect you from every fraud if your card is stolen or someone has hacked your card then CVV cannot save the amount spent on your card, because whoever has your card, CVV will also reach him.

CVV/CVC Difference –


Although there is no difference between these two, different companies use them. Let’s know what the differences between CVV and CVC are –

  • The CVC – The Master card uses the card Validation Code.
  • The CVV – Visa Card uses card Verification Value.

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How to Know the CVV/CVC NUmber on your Debit card or Credit Card –

In American Express, the CVV number is four digits which is on the front side of the card, but in Visa, Master Card, the CVV number is three digits which are on the backside of the card. The CVV number is printed just below the magnetic stripe on the back of your debit/credit card. This is a security code that provides security to the online payment of your debit/credit card.

Conclusion – 

I sincerely hope that I have told you What CVV, detailed information of CVV/CVC of Debit/Credit Card is, and Gave full information about it. I hope you guys have understood What CVV, detailed information of CVV/CVC of Debit/Credit Card is. I request all of you readers that you, too, should share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, and friends so that there will be awareness among us, and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

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