Linux Os vs. Windows OS. | Difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS –

Linux Os vs. Windows OS. | Difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS –

Linux Os vs. Windows OS. | Difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS -
Many times peoples got very confused while purchasing the pc/laptop, because when you going to purchase the laptop/pc then you have lots of options that you have to choose perfectly according to your needs like RAM, Graphics, Storage, Processor, Processor Generation also.

Thinking about the processor, then I am sure you have confused much time the reason – why in many of time the manufacture of PC/laptop is installing Linux OS, while peoples like windows much.
Anyway, confusion will be solved today in a very short introduction, let’s know the difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS, before knowing that we also have to know About Operating System (OS). 

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Operating System (OS) – 

In today’s time, as soon as we turn on the power button of our laptop or desktop, it comes in working condition in a few seconds. We complete the work by opening our application software. Whether it is to type a document in word or to watch a movie in vlc, Playing game in computer or laptop.
But this application software runs on the base software. The same is called operating software
It is the operating system’s job to keep the application software running properly and the hardware resources that are used for that software are not available and to inform the application software.
How to use a resource. What to provide to the software And managing all application software. This sari looks at the operating system.

Windows OS –

In the 1980s, when there were only micro-computers, there were no operating systems at that time. At that time, the software was made by coding separately for each particular machine and that operating system could not be run in any other machine because the hardware configuration of all the machines was totally different, so this is the first disadvantage of the old generation computer. At that time a new operating system came out called CPM
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IBM, a computer company at the time, thought of buying it but could not buy it for some reason. At that time Bill Gates wrote an operating system for IBM which is still known as DOS (Disk operating system). This is the same Bill Gates who owns Microsoft, a well-known figure in the computer world.
The windows operating system was later introduced on dos. And slowly it became better operating than windows dos. windows 95, windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 This is the version of all windows operating, Nowadays a copy of windows can be installed in many computers through the CD/DVD drive or Bootable devices.

Linux OS –

The windows are an open-source operating system. It can be said in a way that it does not give the user a completely open holiday, that is why some developers thought that we should develop an open-source operating system on our own which can run anytime, and we will do whatever he wants to do.
This thinking made Linux develop, it is also an operating system that helps your computer to run properly.
In all operating systems, be it windows, mac, android, iOS all have a very important software part kernel which acts as a bridge between the hardware and software of the computing device. If the toddy operating system is considered a tree, then the kernel is the main root of that tree. On which the entire existence of the operating system rests.
The name of the Linux OS are listed below – 
  • Debian, 
  • Fedora, 
  • Ubuntu, 
  • Kali, 
  • Red hat
Linux Os vs. Windows OS. | Difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS -
Let’s come in our main topic that is the difference between Linux OS and Windows OS – 
  • The latest Linux of this time will run quite smoothly even on computer hardware 10 to 10 years old from today. While the new version of windows will not be installed. Even if installed, so it will lag
  • Linux operating risk of virus attack is low. While the risk of the virus in windows operating is very high.
  • Windows operating is completely based on the graphical user interface (GUI). While Linux operating also works on a command-line interface with a graphical user interface (GUI). Most of its work is done on the command-line interface.
  • Linux operating is a multi-user and multitasking operating system. While windows is a single user and multi-tasking operating system. The only new version of windows 10 is the multi-user and multitasking operating system. While older versions of Linux were also typical of multi-user and multitasking.
  • In addition to office work, video editing, and general work from Linux operating, it is also used for hacking and software cracking. While Windows operating is used for office work, video editing, and general work only.
  • Linux is only installed in an unallocated part of the hard disk. Whereas the Windows operating system is installed on the partition of the hard disk and the part formatted in NTFS or FAT.
  • Windows operating is better for the general user because its operating is very easy. While operating Linux can be a bit difficult to operate.
  • Linux is an open-source operating system, hence it is available for free for everyone, while Windows is a closed source operating system. For which we have to pay money.
  • In Linux, filenames are case sensitive while Windows filenames are case insensitive.
Linux Os vs. Windows OS. | Difference between Linux OS vs. Windows OS -
Conclusion – I hope you have understood the difference between Linx OS and Windows OS in very easy language. If still, you have any doubts so you can ping me through the comment box.
Last Word – If you find this page helpful then don’t forget to share with everyone, and follow our page to know the latest tips and tricks, Relly informative ideas.


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