Best Laptop buying Guide 2020 | How to choose best laptop | Which laptop should be buy

How to select the best Laptop | Laptop buying guide | Laptop buying Tips 2020 –

Many times peoples want to buy his first laptop in life, so they have lots of confusion for selecting a laptop and maybe peoples don’t have much knowledge for selecting a good laptop, not only you, many of the peoples are struggling or facing the problems for buying a laptop.
If you are Planing to buy a laptop for you, then read this point before buying the laptop. First make sure your purpose for buying a laptop, means what types of work to be done in your new laptop for
e. g., – Official work, Student Work, Business purpose, home-style purpose, or for gaming or entertainment and many more
If you have decided your purpose for buying the laptop, then let’s know some other point, but before knowing the point we also have to know why we do not choose to buy a desktop or you can say why I have decided to purchase the laptop and for this lets’ talk about some differences between them –

Laptop Vs. Desktop –

First of all know whether the laptop is better or desktop, there can be a lot of debate on this subject too if we goo very deeply and we can not end up the debate. Both of them have their own specialties as well as some problems are connected, such as you cannot carry the desktop anywhere in the bag like a laptop, in such a way if the keyboard and mouse of the laptop are gone damaged then you have to go market for purchasing the keyboard and mouse otherwise you can’t work and maybe keyboard and mouse is not available in your market then you can be stuck in lots of trouble, then in such a situation, who is better and who should choose,
It is a simple thing to look at the desktop, even though it is very heavy and big, but its maintenance is very cheap and easy, whereas, in contrast, the maintenance of the laptop is very expensive. If you have planned for making a purchase of laptop then this is no bad idea you can purchase, before purchasing look at some point listed below –

Processor and RAM –

There are many advanced types of processors available in the market nowadays, such as Celeron  Dual-core, Corei3, Core i5, Core i7
If you are a domestic user then you will not even know the difference of these processors, for domestic work you can also choose Core i3 or Dual-core. They are much cheaper than Core i5, Core i7. Never purchase a laptop with less than 4GB ram because it will decrease the tasking speed, by the way nowadays less than 4GB ram laptop is not available in market, if you think, I  have to purchase greater than 4Gb, then I recommended to stop, for now, use  your laptop if you face tasking problem then you can increase the RAM by inserting RAM slot in the second slot of laptop.

Battery –

The battery of a laptop is life, no matter how good the laptop is or how powerful it is, its power comes from the battery itself, so it should be a good backup, before you buy a laptop, check how much backup the laptop gives. If it is written on your laptop that the backup is 8-10 hours, then after doing all your work it will remain only 6-8 hours. In this, along with the screen size, it also matters what you are working on the laptop.

Screen –

Lots of peoples selecting his laptop by the size of Screen, but never do this type of activity, because if you select the big screen of the laptop then might be your screen resolution will become very bad, so never buy the big-screen laptop. If you buy the big-screen laptop then your laptop becomes heavy and always buy LED display, because it consumes less power.

Speaker –

There is no laptop without a speaker, but we have been talking about where the speaker is, it is better to have the speaker on the side or front or back of the laptop, so if you put it in some place, the speaker Always be open for coming sound quality good and if you have an option so choose Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos technology enhances sound quality.

Keyboard/touchpad –

If you know to type, then chooses the best keyboard quality that has best fingers catch areas maybe you have to types some long letters so you need to learn to type. Choose rough type touchpad, because it works very awesome, if you buy the touchpad with touches then it makes some disturbing in your work, in short, it is not good as a comparison to rough type touchpad.

WiFi Connectivity –

Wi-Fi network has become common to use the internet, it is also very easy to share the internet with the help of Wi-Fi. Now you can easily share the internet by turning any phone into a Wi-Fi router or hotspot, so much not only you can also give commands to other devices with the help of Wi-Fi, etc. Now the trend of Wi-Fi printers has also started, so nowadays peoples try to buy WiFI enable printer because no problem of wires and can be accessed from anywhere. so make sure to check laptop having WiFi facility or not.

USB Jack –

USB is the main part of the laptop it allows to connect the external modems, printer devices, keyboard/mouse, and much other equipment also, So make sure you have at least 3 USB jack and 2 are in right sie of your hand when you are in working position.
Make sure your laptop having USB type C jack and USB 3.0 jack also because this is the latest version of the USB jack.

Operating System –

This the also main thing of your laptop, without an operating system your laptop won’t be turned on.
When you go in the market for buying a laptop then you have to choose which operating systems to buy, the option is – Linux, Windows.
I recommended choosing windows Operating systems because we are very familiar with windows, in fact, we always find windows operating systems everywhere and we always learned for windows from our childhood also. Note that if you buy a pre-installed windows laptop then it will be charge very much because windows need the license key and it is very costly.
If you are not able to buy the windows then no worry buy the Linux based operating system and you can use local technicians they can remove the Linux and install the copy of Windows OS they may be charges not more than Rs. 500.
I will publish the post on how to install Windows os in a Linux based operating system.
Conclusion – I hope you have understood clearly the buying guide of laptop if you have any doubts, you can ask me through comment box, and please never buy a laptop without taking the decision, if you make a purchase of laptop which is not suitable for work so no anyone can do anything.
Last word – If you find this page helpful then why you stay here to go and share this article with everyone to aware before buying the laptop.



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