How truecaller show the owner name, How truecaller works

What is True caller, how Truecaller works and show the owner name and advantages/disadvantages of Truecaller and more  –

How truecaller show the owner name, How truecaller works -
In today’s day, almost everyone must have gone from truecaller. Most people use truecaller to know the owner name of an unknown number. Everyday, all people have a lot of spam calls, that is, calls are received by a company, which you get to know only after receiving the call, but if you have truecaller apps in your mobile then before you receive the call. The name of the owner of that number will be known.

A lot of people know the name of the owner of any mobile number but they never think from where the truecaller brings the owner name of any number. So in today’s tutorial, we will tell you what is a truecaller? How does it work and where does it fetch the name of the owner of any mobile number?

Truecaller is adding new features to its apps day by day. Banking facility has been provided in this apps some time ago, through which you can manage your bank account through Truecaller apps, meaning that you can check your bank balance and transfer money as well. So let’s know about truecaller in full details.

What is truecaller – 

Truecaller is a mobile application that has been developed to extract the details of any mobile number. It displays the owner name of apps incoming calls so that you can avoid receiving unknown number or any company call.
Some time ago, when there were no truecaller apps, then we could not know about any unknown number without calling it and many company calls used to get disturbed due to which we got upset but ever since truecaller apps have developed, we have got rid of spam calls.
This apps was developed by Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB. These apps are available for almost all platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Series 40.

How does truecaller work and from where it shows the name of owner – 

Many people do not know from where the owner’s name comes from the truecaller? Friends, when you install any apps in your mobile, those apps ask you for some permission such as contact access, message access, photo and video access, etc. When you give him permission to access it, he stores the data of your mobile in his storage device.
In the same way when you install the Truecaller apps, it asks for permission to access your contact and message. When you give this permission, then it stores your data in its storage device. Now suppose that your contact has a number of 100 people saved, then that number of 100 people reaches the truecaller with the saved name so that the truecaller shows the owner name of that number to another person.
Sometimes it happens that we save the number of our house with the name Papa, uncle etc., then the truecaller only has the owner name of that number, Papa or uncle store, from which he shows the other person the name of the father or uncle. 
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Features of Truecaller apps  – 

There are a lot of features of this apps that you would hardly know, so let’s know which are the best features of them:There are a lot of features of this apps that you would hardly know, so let’s know which are the best features of them :-
  • Identifying Owner Name – It identifies all the unsaved number of calls coming and going in your mobile and shows its owner name so that you can easily know the owner name of incoming calls (incoming calls) and outgoing calls. Could.
  • Showing Call Status – People who use these apps and if their number is saved in your mobile or dialed in Truecaller, then that number is shown in the number list of truecaller apps. And at the same time there is a status show which tells whether the next person is busy on any other call. If the next person is busy on another call, then your truecaller apps have a red color circle show with its number and if that person is not busy then your apps have a green color circle show which tells it That this person is available to take a call.
  • Show spam calls and block spam calls  – It blocks the spam calls coming to your number and if any call comes on your number which is spam then it indicates it by red color. Now a question may arise in your mind that how will this apps know about spam calls? Friends, when you get upset with the calls of a company, then you can report that number in this apps and similarly if that number of reports is received by a lot of users then that number gets included in the spam list. 
    How truecaller show the owner name, How truecaller works -
  • Message and Video call facility –  This apps also provides facility of messaging, video call and audio call similar to Whatsapp, which is messaging, video and audio call through internet. The person who does not use truecaller apps, you can also send the message with the help of truecaller apps, but for that you will be charged for messaging from your number. Now a question may be arising in your mind that how will they know whether he is using truecaller or not. So when you send a message to that person, then you will give a truecaller notification that it will be charged from your number to message it or your sim card number will show as seen in the image.
  • Banking facility – These apps provide banking facility in new version which is powered by BHIM UPI. Through this apps you can check your bank balance as well as make money transactions.Its most special features is that you can also request to send money to any of your friends.
    How truecaller show the owner name, How truecaller works -
  • Payments – This apps provides payment option through which you can pay DTH, Datacard, Broadband, Postpaid, Electricity, Gas, Landline, Water bill. For this, you must first link your bank account in this apps and in this apps the same bank account link will be the same number in this apps and bank account. Meaning that the number from which your truecaller apps will have account login, the same number should be linked in your bank.

History of True caller – 

Truecaller apps have been developed by True Software Scandinavia AB company. The company is a private company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The apps were founded in 2009 by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Sweden is a country whose capital is Stockholm where the True Software Scandinavia AB company is located.
It was initially launched by BlackBerry on 1 July 2009. After receiving good response from users, it was launched for Symbian and Windows Mobile phones. Launched for Android and Apple iPhone on 23 September 2009. For more history visit Wikipedia.  These apps are still being used in more than 70 countries. There are crores of its users.
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Meaning of last seen in truecaller –

A lot of people were getting questions that last seen in Truecaller, what does it mean? So friends, as I mentioned above, that Truecaller apps provide us a messaging facility similar to Whatsapp, through which we can message someone through the internet who uses Truecaller.
Just as Last seen shows in Whatsapp, Truecaller apps also do last seen show, this means that the person opened Truecaller apps so long ago.

Disadvantages of Truecaller –

  • This apps accesses your contact list and stores all the contacts in its database.
  • It also stores your messaging in its database.
  • It can use your contact list for its business purpose.

Advantages of Truecaller –

  • This protects you from spam calls.
  • This apps shows the owner name of unknown number, which makes it easier for you to receive calls.
  • You can also search the owner’s name by entering someone’s number in this apps.
  • Banking facility is also present in this apps, through which you can keep your bank in your pocket that means you can transfer money from anywhere.
  • In this, you can know the status of someone’s call, meaning that who is available to take the call now or who is busy now, you can know the status of it.
  • Through this apps, you can also make messages, audio calls and video calls similar to Whatsapp.

Concsluion – Truecaller apps are very popular apps that are used by crores of people. These apps get you rid of spam calls. Some people think that using it is a big risk, but it is not. It is different that the data of this apps was stolen many years ago, but information like credit card number and password was not stolen in it. Now these apps exist with very security which keeps the user’s data very secure.
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