How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home

How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home part – I

How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home
Making money online is a very easy task and everyone wants to make money online. People want to make money online because they are not fiding his job as a good salary or people having lots of expenses in every month, or you are working in an office for few hours and after the office work you find him Freely. 
I think you have thought many times for doing online work because you have much time to give focus on your work, anyway there are lots of reasons for people doing online work. You can make money online in many ways. 
  • The first thing you don’t need to go anywhere, all below mentioned work can be done through your home. 
  • The second thing you don’t need many requirements for doing this thing. If you are a Literate person and you having a laptop/desktop or a mobile so you can easily do these types of work from home, but I prefer to use a laptop/desktop.
  • If you do not have a laptop, so no worry and not be panic there are lots of solutions. Start your work and earn some money then buy a laptop simply.
  • If your starting income not raising day by day and you don’t have sufficient money for purchasing laptop then again I say no worry, In India there are lots of festivals are celebrating like, republic days, Holi, Independence Days, Diwali, and many more, then the E-commerce company holding the Sale so make a purchase during sale and you can get “No cost EMI offer means buy now pay later”
How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home

Let’s know the steps

How to start a small online business  –

Accounting –  If you have done accounting earlier, then this is the golden chances for your income because, after migration of GST, many businessmen need an Accountant, and you can find this type of job online. You can do this work very easily through your laptop. Some software is – Tally Erp 9.0, Busy Accounting Software, Marg Accounting Software

Writing E-Books If you are a book writer then this is a good job for you, by this job you have to write a book and sell online. Many peoples are likely to purchase the E-book because they have no worry for cracking the pages, wetting by water and keeps very secure whole life, and today the world moves on the Internet.

Sell old Books If you are the book readers and you having a lot of books at your home then you can sell your book to an online E-commerce site like – Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. You have no any problem for Tax related problems because in Ndia Books are sold without taxes. I have already told you today the world of technology and peoples moving toward E-books, so if you have old books with clear pages then you can do this. Your house is also emptied from old books.

Tutor – If you are a well-educated person then you can give the knowledge to the student through online classes, through Video conferencing, group discussion, and many other ways, nowadays student learns very fast as compared to book reading.

T-Shirt Designer – Nowadays men’s fashion is increasing day by day, so if you are well knowledge person, then you can do an online T-shirt designer work. many peoples prefer online shopping as compare to the local market. There are lots of reasons why peoples choose Online shopping is the best shopping.

Resume Writer – If you have good knowledge for preparing resume then you can do this work very easily, just create a self website and do work online, many peoples finding the peoples who have the knowledge for making a resume. 

Online Magazine Publisher – Many newspaper companies need a Magazine writer, not only newspaper many peoples like to read the magazine, if you have well knowledge for creating magazines then you can contact the newspaper companies for your eligibility or make your own company and start the writing the magazine. This is also the golden chance for you, if your magazine touches the hight then your income will never stop and you have to never face money problems.

How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home

Online Tech Support – Many times peoples want to make a deal or purchase of electronics items, but they don’t have a good knowledge which item peoples should be buying. I recommended to create a website and start working online and give the suggestion freely don’t make this service paid to the customer. When your site having good traffic from peoples then monetize the site by placing ads.

Blogging – I will recommend doing blogging, this is like a website platform, but there is a high competition. peoples choose technology niche more, but this a niche having very high competition and always all bloggers are beaten by news-websites, due to high priority. Google ranks first news site and after that, the blogger comes first in the google and the target of the blogger is always top in the google page.

My list does not end here, I will upload the other list by the category wise online business and for today that is sufficient and I will publish the other list with category wise very soon wit the part #2

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Conclusion – I hope you peoples have clearly understood how to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home very well and If you have any problem you can ask me through the comment box and I am trying to make the complete list of the small online business list very soon.
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