How to start a small business at home [Category Wise]

How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home part – II 

Making money online is a very easy task and everyone wants to make money online. People want to make money online because they are not fiding his job as a good salary or people having lots of expenses every month, or you are working in an office for few hours and after the office work you find him Freely. 
I think you have thought many times for doing online work because you have much time to give focus on your work, anyway there are lots of reasons for people doing online work. You can make money online in many ways.

In recently I have listed the online work in the listwise and now today I will give the list by category wise and I hope this will be more helpful for the peoples for selecting his job by category wise

  • The first thing you don’t need to go anywhere, all below mentioned work can be done through your home. 
  • The second thing you don’t need many requirements for doing this thing. If you are a Literate person and you having a laptop/desktop or a mobile so you can easily do these types of work from home, but I prefer to use a laptop/desktop.
  • If you do not have a laptop, so no worry and not be panic there are lots of solutions. Start your work and earn some money then buy a laptop simply.
  • If your starting income not raising day by day and you don’t have sufficient money for purchasing laptop then again I say no worry, In India there are lots of festivals are celebrating like, republic days, Holi, Independence Days, Diwali, and many more, then the E-commerce company holding the Sale so make a purchase during sale and you can get “No cost EMI offer means buy now pay later”
Lets’ know How to start a small online business category wise –

If you have not read the first part then I suggest you read the first part link here – How to start a small business at home

If you are a School teacher –

Sell Your Education – If you are a teacher then you can give knowledge to the ent through video conferencing or you can create a website and give the title ‘Online classes’ 

Mak Problems Video – If you have much knowledge about online teaching and your student are not satisfied with your answers and nowadays students like too much with video playback. You have to create an account with youtube and monetize your youtube and earn money. 

Amazon Flex – If you have much time after your main job, so you can register for Amazon Flex, in this service you have to pick up the items of the order through amazon and then you have delivered products to customers, fort this amazon is paying upto 150/order. I think it is a golden chance for you. The main thing is this service can be done anytime and you can select your delivery areas also. more details click here – Amazon Flex service for a part-time business

If you are a Photographer or Designer –

Design Photos and Deal the Project – Many times companies need some photo designers for their big project, and that time you may become the best in front of them if you can handle the project.

Sell your Photos to Image Company – If you have a good photography experience then you can sell your captured images to Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

If you are Games lover –

Sell your used games as copy – If you are a game lover, so might be you make a purchase of many games in previous years, now make a copy of the game or sell the original Dives of games with cheap price form original price to others or sell online by making a website.

If you are a Computer Assistant –

Data Entry Work – If you are a Computer Operator in the company or in someone’s business and if you can manage this work then this is the best business for you with less time. You need to find the jobs in Freelancer, Fiverr and many other online working portals.

Help Someones – In this work you have to help someones for their project work, many time in a school and college students have to work on the given project by the teacher and the student may not possible to make this project then you can help him for the project with your small fees.

If you are A fond of Travelling – 

Capture and Sell your Images – If you are fond of traveling then again you can sell your captured photos to an online company and make a deal with him.

Online Traveller Guide – Many times peoples want to visit some places but due to improper knowledge the was unable to visit the places, now if you are traveler fond, you can help him with small pay.

If you are a clinic compounder – 

Give Suggestions – If you having good experience in medical services then I suggest you make a website and give suggestion to peoples, because if you want to become advanced so you need more study and they take much time and money also, so I suggest you to make a website and monetize your site with ads network. You will be learn something more and peoples blessed you also.

If you have enough money –

Investment – Many peoples want to make his money to double in limited time, but the reality is total;y different, many peoples do this but they never get sufficient response. I suggest you go to Online Investment marketing and keep in mind read all the documents very carefully.

If you are Drawing maker – 

Sell Your Painting – Many peoples like to decorate their home with beautiful ornaments, drawing also, nowhere you can do this work, make a beautiful drawing or painting and now sell to online or offline by creating an own e-commerce website.

Participate Painting Competition – If your hobby is totally is for painting, so be online and always try to find a competition of painting and apply these types of competition.

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Conclusion – I hope you peoples have clearly understood How to start a small online business | How to start a small business at home very well and If you have any problem you can ask me through the comment box and as today I have made a list with category wise as I promised to you
Last Word – If you find this page helpful then don’t forget to share it to everyone, and follow our page to know the latest news.


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