How to Save photos from Instagram

How to Save photos from Instagram ??

Popular social networking site after Facebook, people use Instagram to share his stories or memories with friends, relatives, and his enemy tooInstagram is also a part of Facebook, in short, the owner Instagram is Facebook Mark_Zuckerberg

The app is full of photos — some we like, some we hate, some we laugh at and some we want to save. But Instagram comes with a fundamental limitation – you cannot save images (or videos) from Instagram natively. Instagram is not only used for sharing memories in the form of images and videos but it is also used for dispensing news and shopping.
Many peoples using Instagram for teasing his friend 
“Just Kidding”
But the reality is really true many times peoples upload some pics that they never have to do and upload to Instagram to tease his enemy.
Many times peoples use Instagram and when he sees some interesting Images or someone saw the party picture or any other images and he wants to share with his friend but unfortunately, his friend is not able to use Instagram then How you will be sharing the images to others peoples who don’t have an Instagram account
By the way, there will be hardly anyone who does not have an Instagram account in the time of the technology world. Anyway let’s know How to Save photos from Instagram 

How to Save photos from Instagram: – Web Version

You can save images using the web version of Instagram. But the problem is that you have to use some coding. If you don’t mind doing that then here’s a trick using which you can download images using your web browser:-
Step 1 – Open Instagram in the web browser of your desktop or laptop.
Step 2 – Now open the image that you want to save or which you want to share.
Step 3 – Now tap on the three dots on the top left corner of the image.
Step 4 – Next click on Go to Post option.
Step 5 – Select the photo and
Step 6 – Right-click and tap on Inspect.
Step 7 – Now make a Right-Click, select edit as HTML.
Step 8 – Here you can see Image URL
Step 9 – Now go to the first ‘.jpg’ a sign that this highlighted in the code.
Step 10 – Copy the code starting from ‘https://instagram.’ to ‘.jpg’ and paste in a new tab.
Step 11 – Now, right-click on the image and click on Save As an option to save it on your computer

How to Save photos from Instagram: – Mobile Version

Step 1 – Open Instagram
Step 2 – Tap on the Profile icon in the app.
Step 3 – Now tap on the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the app.
Step 4 – Tap on the Settings option on the bottom right corner of the app.
Step 5 – Now tap on the Account option.
Step 6 – In the menu bar that opens next, iOS users tap on Original Photos option and Android users tap on Original Posts option.
Step 7 – Now toggle the button and you are good to go.
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Conclusion – I hope you don’t need to face any problem, I have tested all the steps before doing this, so I hope you don’t face any problem. if you getting any problem then ask me freely through the comment box.
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