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How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking


Internet banking registration process: State Bank of India –

Today in this post we learn how to register for Internet Banking, what is Internet Banking, Why need Internet Banking and many more?
How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking – 

You all know how much technology has gone ahead in today’s world that means all work has started happening online, such as checking bank balance, transferring funds, etc. When we manage any bank account online through the Internet, such as balance checking, fund transfer, etc. So the same is called Internet Banking. Internet Banking is also called e-banking, net banking, online banking or virtual banking. We use Internet Banking to manage your bank account sitting at home like checking balance, transfer money to someone, recharge mobile or pay the bill of any kind.

Benefits of internet banking? 

It has many benefits which are as follows: –
  • Internet Banking saves time instead of going bank
  • Through this Interne Banking, we can transfer money to anyone sitting at home.
  • With this internet banking, we can check our bank balance sitting at home.
  • Through this internet, banking we can stop the use of ATM card if we lost our ATM card
  • You can buy any product that means when we are buying a product from any site online, we do not need an ATM card.
  • Some banking giving the facility of transferring money when the holiday in banks, though Internet Banking.
  • Many times we need to transfer money urgently and we outside of the hometown then, by Internet Banking we can do this work easily and instantly.
  • we can send money when bank hours are closed also for e.g. RTGS timing 09:00AM to 04:30PM from Monday to Friday and 09:00AM to 02:00PM on Saturday and NEFT timing are 10:00AM to 06:00PM Monday to Saturday.
Let us know how to register for state bank of India internet banking 
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What should be done to activate SBI Internet Banking Online?

If your account is in SBI (State Bank of India) bank and you want to register Internet Banking for your bank account then you need some details which are as follows:
Account Number: This is the account number of your bank account which is given in your bank passbook. This is a unique number for all users by which your account is identified.
CIF Number: CIF stands for Customer Information Form. This is given in the passbook of your bank. The CIF number of all the bank is different that means the CIF number of all the bank is of different digit like SBI has 11 digits.
ATM Card: You must have an ATM card only then you can activate SBI Internet Banking sitting online.
Branch code: Branch code is a 5-digits code which is a different code for all branches. This code is available in the passbook. If you do not have the branch code of your bank, you can search it online.
Registered Mobile Number: You need a registered mobile number as OTP is sent to your mobile number while registering online SBI internet banking.
ATM Pin Number: When you register online for SBI internet banking, your 4-digit ATM pin is required.

How to register SBI Internet Banking Online?

First step: First of all, open the official website of SBI online in any web browser of your computer or mobile. (Click here to SBI online)
Second step: Now after that click on New User Registration inside the Personal Banking area.
How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking
Third step: After that, there will be a message box show in which it will be said that if you have already taken the kit number from your branch, then you should not use this link. In this, you have to click on OK.
Fourth step: Now after that fill your bank account details like Account Number, CIF Number, Branch Code, Country, Registered Mobile Number, Facility.
How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking
Fifth step: Now after filling the bank detail, click on Submit.
Sixth step: As soon as you submit, then you will have two options, out of which you have to select the first option, “I have an ATM” option and then click on Proceed.
Seventh step: Now a new form will open in which you have to add your ATM details. After adding ATM details, click on Proceed.
Eighth step: Now you will get a temporary username which will be valid for some time and also the access level code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Which will work as a password for some time?
Ninth step: Now after that go to the homepage of SBI and after that click on Login in the Personal Banking area. (Click here for homepage)
Tenth step: Now after that click on Continue to login.
How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking
Eleventh step: Now after that enter the temporary username in the box with Username and then enter the access level code in the box with the password and then click on Submit.
Twelfth Step: Now you can make your username according to you. After creating Username, click on Submit and then create your password.
How to register for Internet Banking : Use of Internet Banking

Congratulations! Now your SBI Internet Banking register has been done.

Conclusion – In this post I told how to register SBI Internet Banking online sitting at home. If you liked this post, then definitely share this post with your friends. If you have any questions related to this post, then you must ask us through the comment box. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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