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How to make bootable pendrive | Make pendrive bootable

How to make bootable Pendrive | Make Pendrive bootable –

In an earlier post, we know how to install windows in a new laptop or old laptop or How to delete Linux and install Windows or How to format the laptop, if you have missed the post then click here to read. Anyway I also told you in I will make a post on How to make bootable Pendrive, so we will learn it today. Before knowing about How to make bootable Pendrive, we need to learn something. so let’s know first whats the facts we should know before doing this.

Requirments for making Pendrive bootable – 

  • A running PC means in working condition and have installed windows also, 
  • CMD (command prompt) knowledge which is not much complicated, 
  • A Pendrive at least 4Gb or Higher, I recommend to use 8 GB pen drive and not use above 8 Gb because it will increase the process timing also.
  • A good Patience time….(just kidding) 😝, but this is the reality also.

What is Bootable Pendrive – 

Bootable Pendrive is a way by which windows can be installed on a computer or laptop. Bootable Pendrive is very important to install windows from Pendrive. Making the Pendrive is important because it creates the directory path of Pendrive to fat32. There are 2 types of Bootable method let me tell you the types.
  • Cold booting – Performing Cold Booting means turning on the computer using Power Button. It is also called “Hard boot“, which means to start the computer when it is in the turned-off state. This is often used in contrast to Warm Boot, which simply means restarting the computer, which is already turned on. Power Button must be used to perform a cold boot. Both the cold boot and warm boot system clear the RAM and perform the boot sequence from scratch. But unlike a cold boot, a warm boot may or may not have all the system caches clear, these caches have temporary information store. Additionally, “power-on self-test” (POST) is performed in cold boot, in which system checks of a series are performed from the beginning of the boot sequence. While both warm boot and cold boot are similar, the system is completely reset in cold boot compared to Warm Boot. So during the troubleshooting of computer, Cold Boot or complete turn off is given more preference.
  • Warm Booting – Performing Warm Booting means restarting your computer. It is also called “Soft Boot“. A warm boot is typically initiated from the operating system itself, not by turning the power button ON in the computer. For example, to perform a warm boot in the Windows System, you have to choose the option to Restart from the Start Menu. Warm booting (which actually means restarting the computer) is much more common than cold booting because most users prefer to keep their computers in sleep mode when they are not using it. By the way, the power-on self-test (POST) is not used in a warm boot as in cold boot, but it does all the rest of the boot sequence.

How to Make Bootable Pendrive – 

How to make bootable pendrive | Make pendrive bootable
This process needs some coding or commands and doesn’t be panic the coating is very easy. In this way, your pen drive will be bootable in 100% 2 minutes. This method only works in Windows 7/8 and Vista, it cannot be used in windows 10.
Step 1. First of all, open search menu through the start menu, type CMD, make a right-click and choose run as administrator
Step 2. After opening the command, type disk part.
Step 3. Now this command will tell you some information about the PC and storage device which is connected yet. After this, you have to type list disk.

Step 4. Now it will show you the connected disk. Now choose your Pendrive and number also and type select disk # (your disk number)
Step 5. Use the Clean command.
Step 6. Now write the Create Partition Primary command. It will be partitioned in your Pendrive.
Step 7. This means now you can choose a new partition in Pendrive. Enter new command here select partition 1. Whenever you see the active status, write active and press enter.
Step 8. Write the format fs = 32 quick commands and press enter.
Step 9. Then type assign and press the Enter button. Then use the exit command.
Step 10. Now you have to copy all windows file to Pendrive. Now your pen drive has become bootable successfully.
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Copnslcuion – I hope you find this article very helpful and friendly if you have any doubt or any suggestions or any changes, so you can write in the comment box.

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