High Radiation spreading Smartphone (January – 2020 )

High Radiation smartphone that is very dangerous for health –

Do you know Smartphone radiation is very harmful to our health, see details below how radiation can harm our whole body to death? First of all, we have to know about radiation, where radiation created.

High Radiation spreading Smartphone (September - 2019)

What is radiation –

In today’s modern era, almost every human is using mobile phones. Mobile has made many of our tasks easy and in the morning or evening, day or night, the mobile stays with us all the time and now it seems that now we cannot live without mobile, mobile has many advantages but these Along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages of this, please tell that mobile radiation is the most dangerous of the disadvantages due to the excessive use of mobile. You must have heard about all radiation, tell us that Mobile Radiation is very harmful to our health and it has a very bad effect on our body, we have to stay in contact with radiation for a long time. The cells of the body are badly affected.

Radiation which tells us that it is energy circulating in our atmosphere and it keeps moving in the form of waves. These waves are also called Radio Waves. Some waves are created by humans but some are also natural, such as Radiation occurs in the sunlight, but it does not harm us because it is absorbed by the ozone layer in our atmosphere. Tell us that apart from mobile, there is also radiation from the TV remote and X-ray and in the microwave oven in which we cook food, the food is also cooked by radio waves. Apart from this, there is also radiation in X-rays. When there is an X-ray, these methods leave the bones of our bodies and go beyond the body. Here, I would like to tell you one more thing that radiation is not always dangerous, nowadays radiation therapy is used to treat diseases like cancer. In this therapy, cancer cells are eliminated by high voltage rays.

How to prevent from harmful Radiation – 

For keeping our body soul to a happy and joyful life, I recommended following these steps for preventing our body from harmful Radiation 

High Radiation spreading Smartphone (September - 2019)
  • Always talk to anyone in a very short period, because if we talk to others in a very long time then our phone is basically connected to our minds and Radiation will directly enter in our mind and becomes very harmful for our life
  • Avoid using the phone in the low signal area, because when our smartphone is not able to receive then signal of any network either WiFi or Mobile network, then our smartphone is forcing very high radio waves for joining the connection to his origin and that’s why smartphone spreads the very High radiation for his work.
  • Do not always keep your smartphone in your body contact, I think this work can’t be done by anyone in today’s lifestyle of  human Beings, because smartphone becomes the very unique and special thing in our life, in fact we can say Smartphone is like spreading the oxygen and we can’t survive without the smartphone, but please note that it is very harmful to our whole body, because many time uses internet and forget to turn off mobile data or WiFi, then in that situation our smartphone is always connected to mobile network or Wifi network and that time our smartphone is spreading very high Radio Waves for making our connection faster and people enjoy the faster network much.
  • Try to talk texting instead of calling, yes if you can manage the text message it will be good for our health because in this situation our smartphone distance and our body distance  will be far away and then our body keeps from Raditaions
  • Use a wired headset or speaker mode while calling, If we use headset then we can control the radiation absorption to our body because in this situation our phone is a far distance of our body and in his way radiation will having less chanced to enter in our body. Here note that don’t use Wireless Headsets or Bluetooth headset because it contains the spreading of Radiation or Radio waves that need to connect our smartphone.
  • Keep your usage limited. The more you use, obviously the more radiation will be affected,   this is also become to be impossible because of today’s’ lifestyle. Peoples can’t live without a smartphone, the reason is also important to become connected to our smartphones.
High Radiation spreading Smartphone (September - 2019)

Let’s know the list of Smartphones that are spread High radiation –

Here is the list of top smartphone that spreading high radiation and if possible then keep away from this smartphone

#1. Xiaomi Mi A1 tops the list. This phone was launched in September 2017. The radiation value of Xiaomi Mi A1 is 1.75 Watts per kilogram. The list is dominated by smartphone manufacturer companies. 
#2. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the phone which radiation values to 1.58 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 28 June 2019
#3. This is the most likable phone which names as OnePlus 6T, this phone spreads the radiation 1.55 Watt per Kilogram and this phone is launched on 06 November 2018
#4. Google Pixel 3XL is the phone which radiation values to 1.39 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 18 October 2018.
#5. Apple iPhone 7 is the phone which radiation values to 1.38 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 16 September 2016.
#6. Google Pixel 3 is the phone which radiation values to 1.33 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 16 October 2016. 

#7. Apple iPhone 8 is the phone which radiation values to 1.32 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 22 September 2017.
#8. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is the phone which radiation values to 1.32 Watt per Kilogram, this phone is launched on 22 February 2017.
I am sure now you are thinking that how to check our smartphone radiation value, so no worry here I will tell you how to check radiation of smartphones
High Radiation spreading Smartphone (September - 2019)

How to check our smartphone radiation value –

Statista report says that with this level of radiation people do not even realize what effect their smartphones are having on their health. Those who do not know, let me tell them, the radiation emanating from the mobile is not good for your health. This has a bad effect on your body. SAR standards have also been set in India for this. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. Know that the SAR value of any mobile should not exceed 1.6 Watts per kilogram. If you want to check about your smartphone how much is its SAR value, then dial * # 07 # from your phone.

Conclusion – I hope now you have warned about the bad effect of the Radiation winch spreading from our smartphone, if you have any query/suggestion so you can comment below I will try to improve
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