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Full-form of some popular brands that you must know

Full forms of Some famous brands –

In this era of emerging economy, today almost everyone has their own advanced market knowledge and brand understanding, but the truth is that even though almost everyone has their own market and brand understanding if they are selected their famous brand If you ask for the full form, then good, good pores also start to look up.

Full-form of some popular brands that you must know

Although it is not a big deal, your brand knowledge gets faded in front of someone. So today we have brought you a flower form with little information on ten such everyday brands so that in your problem we so we can start with a little help.


FIAT was started in April 1899 in Turin (Italy) by Giovanni Agnelli and team, a famous and favourite car manufacturer. If you are a fan of FIAT, then you know its full form – Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.
Full-form of some popular brands that you must know


BPL i.e. “British Physical Laboratories” was established in 1963 in Palakkad (Kerala). It has an existing headquarters in Bangalore (Karnataka). It is a famous electric medical equipment manufacturing company in India, which is also famous for making other electronic devices such as TVs, fridges etc


I can say this with the assertion that there will be few in the use of banks, who know the full form of these young people, but no one is here to know you and that is respectively – Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India and Housing Development Finance Corporation.


Charles Ranlett Flint founded IBM’s International Business Machine, the world’s largest information technology company, in 1911, which created a global panic with its computer inventors, whether it was the first hard disk or advanced software. The same IBM work can be gauged from the fact that IBM has so far given three Noble worlds and IBM has the most patents in American technology.


The famous American electronic company (primarily sound equipment) was started by James Bullough Lansing and the team in 1946. Karan is also named James Bullough Lansing (JBL).
Full-form of some popular brands that you must know


Even though DLF is a well-known finance and building construction company, it came in the eyes of common people with the purchase of IPL rights and today there is hardly anyone who does not know its name, but its full form, we must probably tell Delhi Land & Finance (1946). After seeing the sun, imagine when we learned about it.
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The Taiwanese mobile and computer manufacturer, founded in 1997, was considered to be a rival to Apple until before the 4G revolution in India. It continues to function as a trusted brand still seen today. Is – High Tech Computer Corporation.

LG –

Although LG’s market level has fallen somewhat in this crowd of companies, today it’s brand credentials are still of the trusted brand. However, every brand of LG has written life goods with LG, which is often considered as LG’s full form Goes, but this is LG’s motto and its full form – Lucky Goldstar. I am sure most people’s thoughts its full form is Life & Goods or something like that.
Full-forms of some popular brands that you must know


The popular Bicycle and Liability Company BSA has a full form – Birmingham Small Arms. Which is widely known for manufacturing bicycles and bikes. For the information, let us know that Harley Davidson, which is one of the favourite bikes of biker, has also been manufactured by BSA.


This word mostly used in financial terms in the side of banking during the transaction of money from one account to another account in the banking system. NEFT means National Electronic Fund Transfer, this method is mostly used because of the money schedule star from 1000RS-19999 Laks only


This is word also used in the financial terms and same as the NEFT which is described above this, but the process and difference of these words are RTGS money schedule starts from 2 Lakh or above whereas NEFT Start from RS1000 to 19999RS.



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