Flipkart Big Billion Sale of Navratri 2019, upto 90% off

Flipkart Big billion Shopping Days date released to check for more details below – 

As in India, the Indian festival is coming soon so as more E-Commerce companies also want to catch up with their customers through giving high rates of discount, and another facility also to get many customers as soon as possible.

So now again Flipkart is organizing the Big Billion sale during the Hindu festival of Navratri. On this year in the month of September, both Amazon and Flipkart have organized his Sales, Flipkart names as Flipkart National Shopping Days and Amazon names his sales as Amazon Freedom Sale.

So, let’s know what will be good in this sale of Flipkart Big Billions Sale,

Early Acces – 

As most of the e-commerce site has a membership option to get more customers, so according to e-commerce company Flipkart is also availing some early access sale for his membership customer which is calles as Flipkart Plus. In this option, if the customer is a member of Flipkart Plus then he/she can get early access to Flipkart Big Billion Sale during Navratri sale.

Crazy deals or Beyond Amazing Deals – 

During this sale of Flipkart Big Billion Sale, Flipkart will sale his items from time to time means they have made the timing for which item to be sold. In this deal, the Mobile, Tvs, Laptop and More will be sold as at 12AM | 4AM | 8PM. During this sale, Flipkart is also made a flash sale.

Extra Discount on these Timing –

An additional offer is also organized by Flipkart, which will be run for only 2 hours. Additional offers will be run at midnight from 12am to 2pm.

Combo Offer – 

During this sale of Flipkart Big Billion Sale, there is an offer of Combo pack, it means if you buy 3 then you get 15% off on the purchase of 3 and the same as if you buy 4 then you get 20% off the purchase of products.
If you buy any item totals 1999 then you get a 15% discount and the same as if you make a purchase of 2499 then you will get 20% off.

New products will be listed – 

As Amazon is lunching some products during the Navratri sale and just the same as Flipkart is also launching some products on his sale of Flipkart Big Billion Days, so be patient what maybe lunch, no anyone can describe yet.

Up to 75% off on these items – 

If you are planning to buy the television then be patient and wait for Flipkart Big Billion Days, because during the sale of Flipkart Big Billion Sale customers will bet up to 75% discount.

Lowest price ever on Smartphones –

During the Flipkart Big Billion sale if you are planning to buy the Smartphone then I again say please be patient and wait for this sale, because in this sale customer will get Lowest price drop ever, but there is no certainly information for this how much discount we get, could not say at yet. Some new phone will be launch, and exchange value will also get reliable.

Kids zone – 

If in your home there are kids or in relatives then you can’t stop themselves from buying the kid’s toys because during this Flipkart Big Billions Days toys, baby care, baby beauty and more starting from Rs.49. There are 5Laks+ products are available in the Flipkart shopping list.

90% off on Flipkart Brands – 

As we heard Flipkart has own brand for many categories like Electric Iron, Air-Conditioner, Gyser, Tvs, Refrerigrtaor, Power banks, Induction Cooktop,  Diecast card, Auto accessories and many more, so if interested and satisfied with these brands then you have a golden chance to make it own, because Flipkart is giving 90% off on products. 

Grocery – 

Up to 90% off on Grocery products of daily needs, some items will be sold with rupees 1 and some products having 25% off. 

Up to 25000 off – 

If you have planned to go somewhere in a long disatnce then you can get lots of discount on Flight Booking, but read terms and conditions carefully.

Up to 90% off on these items – 

If you are planning to buy the Electronics gadgets of technology like DSLR, Laptop, Headphones, Gaming Console and many more then during this sale of Flipkart Big Billions Sale we get 90% off on the purchase
If you’re interested in making the online shopping of cloths then here you get the 90% off again. There are lots of Brands, 20 Lakh Styles, and the best price ever. In this offer, you may count the wristwatches, belt, shoes, men’s wearable, women wearable clothes also.

Unveil Existing Mystery Box – 

If you are making the shopping during this sale of Flipkart Big Billions Sale then you get some mystery box assured, what will be inside could not say until the sale has not finished.

Flipkart partners with During this Flipkart Big Billion Sales – 

As we know Flipkart giving the lost of offers and discounts on making the shopping, so we must know for this offer what we need. For taking the additional offer we need to have Axix Bank Cards.
and in the flight offer of 25000, the Flipkart has partnered with SpiceJet.

Highlights – 

  • 10% Discount on the using of Axix bank Credit & Debit cards, while in ICICI bank we have to use Credit Cards.
  • Early Acces for Flipkart Plus members.
  • There will be some timing schedule for some items sale, timing is – 12AM, 4AM, 8PM
  • Some Extra Discounts will be offered for 2 Hours.
  • Combo offer will get many discounts up to 15% | 20%
  • Trending phones will be sold at the lowest price ever.
  • 75% discount on TVs. and Appliances, a 90% discount on Electronics and Accessories.
  • Again 90% discount on the Indian Clothing Store during Flipkart Big Billion Days.
  • Babycare/beauty, toys products will start from Rs. 49
  • Some assured mystery Box will be given to customers of Flipkart Shopper during Flipkart Big Billion Sale.
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