Essay on Computer | Full knowledge of Computer | Detailed Information of Computer

Essay on Computer | Full knowledge of Computer | Detailed knowledge of Computer –

Essay on Computer | Full knowledge of Computer | Detailed Information of Computer
In this period, using a computer laptop increasing day by day. No day by Day, in fact, most of the poepls using a computer. There are lots of peoples are wants to use the computer but they don’t know the detailed and internal knowledge of computer, maybe know well and maybe they know the basic knowledge.
So for your knowledge today we will know the detailed information about the computer. Many times children are interested in buying on the computer, so they call his parents to buy the computer. Now his parents aks him to tell about the computer | what is computer | use of a computer but the children are not able to tell the knowledge.
Many times elder peoples are also don’t know about computers in detailed, so for your problem today we will know the Basic + Advanced knowledge of computer.

Computer introduction – 

Hearing the name of a computer, a image of machine is created in our mind, which has a display monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and a CPU, yes a computer is a machine, which does the work of calculating for us, but when the computer was invented Was, it was not like seeing the computer then it had a different nature.
It has been difficult for humans to calculate from the beginning, humans can calculate or calculate only to a limited level without a machine, to make a large calculation, a person has to depend on the machine to fulfill this need. But humans built computers, that is, to calculate.
Abacus was created by scientists in China about 3000 years ago. In a rectangular frame, wooden sticks were kept in iron rods, which were calculated or calculated from the top down. It was the first computer to run without electricity, in fact, it was dependent on your hands to do this work. So this means that any machine that helps you in calculating is a computer. The display monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU in your home is not just a computer.
Essay on Computer | Full knowledge of Computer | Detailed Information of Computer

Origin of the term computer – 

The word computer has originated from the word Comput which is a Latin language word which means to compute. Now you will say that this is all right, but why the computer of the Latin language was used for the word computer. The reason behind this is also the father of computer Charles Babbage, who was born in London, the official language is English, so why no word was taken from English. The reason is that the technical words of the English language are based exclusively on the ancient Greek language and the Latin language, so for the word computer, that is, for a machine that calculates, take the Latin word Comput.
Now we have learned about the computer, no we will know the Advantages & Disadvantages of Computer, basically, no anything is worlds have been made which have the advantages only, all the thing, equipment have always disadvantages also. In short and keep in mind this word – if you are finding much help from anything so there will be lots of disadvantages also. 

Disadvantages of Computer – 

  • While computer making people smart and in another way it creating lots of issues also.
  • Using computers in a long time, which makes our eyes damages.
  • More use of computer and mobile is proving to be harmful to health
  • In large companies and factories, many laborers have started working on computers and robots.
  • Similarly, on the social networking site, even if not working carefully, which has also increased unemployment.
  • People have stopped meeting, more people like to chat with them on social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp than even visiting someone’s house, even 4 people living in a house from their mobile phones.
  • If you do not use internet banking carefully, there is a risk of keeping your personal data stolen, which causes many users to suffer financial loss.
  • Cheating through the Internet has increased in a big way.

Advantages of Computer –

  • Today computers are being used on a large scale everywhere, the biggest reason for this is that it works much faster than humans, it can do very large calculations in a few seconds.
  • Today everything is available on a computer, you can store a lot of data in the computer and use it anytime and if you have an internet facility then you can secure your data on the internet also using cloud storage.
  • You can get in touch with your friends anytime and anywhere through features like video calls, email, social networking.
  • You can get any information on the Internet.
  • Computer technology does not have the answer to facilities like banking, you can transfer money from your mobile phone or computer to anyone sitting at home.
  • Today, the mobile recharge is being flown by computer from electricity bills to online shopping and even airplanes without any fault.
  • In the field of education and medicine, the computer has changed the world. You can get education from the best teachers/institutions from the comfort of your home and in the field of medicine, you can consult the best doctors of the world on the internet and now medical There is no need to go to the store. You can also order medicines from home, whether it is found in your city or not.

Computer’s contribution to the field of education – 

  • Today, you can get information about any subject online from home, so that children and students in whose city those courses are not available or who cannot go out and study can also get an education.
  • The computer is the best tool for storage and data management. In computer, you can keep many books with you in digital format and can read it at any time
  • Students can take the help of Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to prepare notes for themselves.
  • Teachers can also make a powerpoint presentation to explain any topic to the student effectively and explain them, but for this, it will be necessary to take practical knowledge of the projector, the internet, etc.
  • You can get in touch with your friends anytime and anywhere through features like video call, email, social networking and discuss any topic
  • You can get any information on the Internet.
  • The computer is a good source of education. Computers have a major contribution in the field of education. Today every school and college has a computer lab. Teachers also help the students to read through the computer
Conclusion – I hope you learned much about a computer with the advantages and disadvantages also if you find any error or omission so please inform me through the comment box.
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