Boomerang will be soon added in Whatsapp very soon

This special feature of Instagram can be added to WhatsApp very soon…

Boomerang will be soon added in Whatsapp very soon
As we know WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg, when WhatsApp has own ownership then we have never seen any amazing feature in WhatsApp. 
Form when WhatsApp has been owned by Facebook, so from now, we have seen amazing features, like WhatsApp status Text and Audio. GIF emoji, the forward limit for fake massage or any massage to 5 users, and much more. Now we will see a new feature which will be added in WhatsApp very quickly.
As now this feature is available in only Instagram names as Boomerang. This feature is very amazing and very likely by peoples. In this feature, people make a short repeating video and which looks very cool and peoples can make a short and slow-motion video also. 
Let’s know when it will be available for users.

According to the report, this feature is currently in the development stage and will be first made available for iPhone users, 

Why this will be available first for iOS users?

iOs users have high authority and premium users and they can give feedback to WhatsApp if any error found.

When for Android Users

WhatsApp is now working on introducing a new Boomerang feature in its app, and it will be available for Android users. With the help of this feature, users will be able to create looping videos.
Facebook-owned photo-video sharing app Instagram first released the Boomerang app, allowing users to easily create a one-second loop video. The Boomerang app was launched to compete with Twitter Vine, helping create six-second video loops.
credits to TechCrunch
WABetaInfo reports the development of the Boomerang feature. WhatsApp users will get this new feature through video type panel, which currently helps in converting video files to GIF. 
The source said that this feature will be available for videos of less than seven seconds. Apart from this, these loop videos can be applied to WhatsApp contacts and status updates via messages.
Initially, the Boomerang feature will be available for WhatsApp on iPhone, this feature will be rolled out when iPhone users don’t face any problem and then it will be released for Android users. 
Instagram launched his Boomerang app in October 2015 and then added the Boomerang feature to Instagram Story in 2016. Earlier this month, WhatsApp rolled out the label of Forwarded Messages for the Android and iOS users. This will let users know that the message they received has been forwarded more than five times.
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