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Advantages of Open source software | Disadvantages of Open source software

Free Software or Paid Software which is best –

Advantages of Open source software | Disadvantages of Open source software
Many times users of computer or laptop thought, Are open-source software is good or not, because it is freely available on the internet and you also thought why is freely available on the internet while making software is too costly, so why it is available on the internet. so your confusion will be solved now and stay here to know the reasons for these.

Whats is open Source Software – 

Open source is the software that is freely available on the internet for the users to download. The main feature of theses software is that any of the users can modify the software according to his work, and the second feature of this software is these are the software that doesn’t ask for money means these are totally free. 

Here is the example of open-source software and closed source software – 
  • Windows OS = Closed source software
  • Linux OS = Open source software
Open-source software (OSS) is a software that is distributed with source code, which any user can read or modify.
The OSS community generally agrees to open-source software that follows the following criteria:
  • This program can be freely distributed.
  • The source code has to be included in the program.
  • Anyone should be able to modify its source code.
  • Modified versions of source code also have to be redistributed.
An open-source software license should not interfere with the operation of any other software. Where traditional software is distributed in an unchangeable compiled format, open-source software is delivered to both compiled and non-compiled formats, making it available for open code modification. At the same time under a traditional software license, this privilege is reserved only for copyright holders.

How open-source software works – 

Open-source software work remains normal, in fact, we don’t need to pay any types of funds to the provider of software. It can be modified by any one of them which has some specific knowledge of changing or modifying the software.
Advantages of Open source software | Disadvantages of Open source software

Open source software vs. Closed source software –

The software which has access to change/edit/modify/ or anything to the ‘team’ or ‘organization’ that has been created the software, so this software known as closed source software. or proprietary software. Here Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office are the best examples for closed software. This software asks for the installation key for installing the software to your pc
The Software which can be changed/modify/edit or anything can be done by any professional user then this software is to be called up Open source software. This software also no need to verify for the installation key as in closed source software ask.

What types of License need to Open source Software –

Although these open-source projects use a lot of licenses, it depends on who the developers are preferring for their programs.
GPL, or GNU (General Public License), is most commonly used in many open-source projects, such as Linux. With the definition of open-source mentioned above, in terms of GPL, it is clearly specified that if someone modifies an open-source program and also distributes a derivative work, then they have to accompany it Source code also has to be distributed.
Understand this in easy language, then if anyone prepares a closed-source program by taking any open-source code, using it – then they also have to return the community after releasing that modified version. Otherwise, he may not be penalized for this.
At the same time, there are some other licenses also, such as a BSD license, which puts few restrictions on the developers. If anyone program comes under the BSD license, then it can make software according to its own by using the source code of any open source program. In this, they do not need to release this modified version. Developers love this license because it gives them a great discount.

Why Open Source software is good – 

Peoples like open source software much because it’s free software and have access to modifying something and many more. Now we will understand why people likes much open source software.
Training – Students are like the open source software much because if they want to become the software engineer so they have a good choice for working in software and they learn something new because they can change modify the software very easily.
Advantages of Open source software | Disadvantages of Open source software

Stability – Most users prefer to use this software for their important long-term projects. This is because by doing this they do not have to worry about the source code of their software. Because in cases of proprietary software, if the original creator ever stops working, then they may have a lot of trouble for it in the future. The open source software works both incorporate and operate according to open standards.

Security – Some users find this software good choice because they find them much secure because users find them much secure than proprietary software. In this, software updates keep coming in from time to time where its errors are published properly, so they like these more.

Control – Users have more control in these open source software as compared to proprietary software. Here they can examine the code themselves, while according to their own they can also make necessary modifications. Non-programmers can also use them on their own.

Benefits of Open Source Software – 

Let’s know some benefits of Open source software – 
  • Free Software, it has been estimated that these open source software collectively save businesses whose value is around $ 60 billion a year. In the present times, you can easily find an open source version of each paid proprietary software system in its place.
  • They constantly evolve in real-time because developers add a lot of things to it and modify it, which means that they are of better quality and are also more secure, which is why there is a lot of potential for bugs in them. It is rare compared to proprietary systems.
  • You can also modify and adapt this software according to your requirements, which may not be possible with proprietary systems.
  • Using these open source software also shows that you are not restricted in using the systems of a particular vendor that works only on their own devices.

Loses of Open Source Software – 

Lets’ know some loss of Open source Software – 
  • Since there is no requirement to make it a commercial product that can generate money, so open source software develops more according to the requirements of the users.
  • This is the reason that they are very less “user-friendly” because not much importance is given to its user interface.
  • Although this open source software is mostly free in itself, there are some indirect costs involved as well, such as you may have to pay for external support.
  • They often have little to no support. Therefore, if there is a problem, then you have to depend on their forum and community to get a solution to that problem. Which can be a bit irritating.
  • Being an Open System, many people are involved in it, which helps a lot in finding its bugs. At the same time, there are some people who can also misuse these vulnerabilities of the software.
  • Since Open Source Software is not very user-friendly, you must have a little technical knowledge to understand and use them properly. Otherwise, you may have to depend on others for basic functionalities.

Conclusion – I hope you have clearly leaned my article Free Software or Paid Software which is best and no confusion yet if you have any doubts so you can ping me through the comment box, and I am sure that you don’t need to find from anywhere more because it’s complete information about Free Software or Paid Software which is best. 

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